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May 24 2017

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What a cute pup Chica is

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why are you like this

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Chica went through so many emotions in so little time

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I think this bird got confused when someone told him he belonged in the sky.

He decided to be the sky instead.


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this horse is a good horse

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Thom Yorke - Hearing Damage

A tear in my brain
Allows the voices in
They wanna push you off the path
With their frequency wired in

And you can do no wrong
In my eyes
In my eyes

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Winter Dusk on Flickr.

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Introducing the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System: One Story, Unlimited Endings

We’re back on Kickstarter with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System — ensuring you have everything you need for any photographic opportunity. With three interchangeable front lenses with fixed focal lengths of 35mm, 50mm or 80mm, be prepared for any shooting situation with just one lens system. 

Including six special aperture plates that create beautiful and delicate bokeh, create stunning images with endless creative combinations. Inspired by Charles Chevalier’s original invention and reimagined with a smooth and sleek design, this multi-coated lens is an ideal option for beginners and professionals alike whether you shoot analogue or digital.

Back us on Kickstarter now to save up to 45 percent on a Neptune Convertible Art Lens System and a range of exclusive extras!

Straight men are not inherently sexist or misogynist.





White people are not inherently racist

Every white person is racist actually. Every cis person is transphobic.


“Watch me project my own prejudice onto everyone else.”

May 23 2017

Kelly Turner Fundraising - 1 Million Pounds to Save Kelly Turner's Life



Our beautiful, clever, artistic and loving Daughter Kelly is
only 17yrs old. Up to October 2015 she was a  fit and well 15 yr old and enjoying a happy and fulfilling life. 

 October 2015 she was diagnosed with Cancer -  Desmoplastic small round cell tumor (DSRCT) is an aggressive tumor that typically begins in the abdomen or pelvis. Considered a pediatric cancer, this rare type of soft tissue sarcoma is diagnosed in about 20 adolescents in the United States each year.” She’s been well cared for by The Royal Marsden, Sutton UK with 9 rounds of chemotherapy which has responded well, but because there are tumours close to her Liver they’re not prepared to carry out any Surgery.  

We have sought a fifth opinion from Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York and they have agreed to do the surgery, immunotherapy and radiotherapy. As for the cost, update as of 3rd August an “estimate” of $1,200,000 is needed by MSKCC. We are not covered by the American insurance system so we’ll have to find funding.

Please support our Kelly, we so want her to have a normal, long & fruitful life. #Doingitforkelly

Love, Linda, Kelly & Martin Turner - Dover UK.

If you are from abroad and wish to donate in the bank, you will need the IBAN details following:

  1. IBAN number: GB53NWBK 600704 39767000

Thank you :)


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Baba Yaga

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Taken 30 August 2014
Copyright 2015 Mark D Stewart

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When SpongeBob turns 20 he will turn into a real boy and you will all have to watch Human Bob and enjoy it. He turned 18 today, so you have 2 more years to sort out your feelings.


this guy works on spongebob

You guys I’m scared

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My latest flea market finds.
tumblr | Instagram | Etsy Shop

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