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April 26 2017

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MOTEL      [Requested by clueingforcrooks]
By: thejennire 
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Happy Anniversary Oeuf!

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Happy Anniversary Shiizakana

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“I’ve always found the idea of death comforting. The thought that my life could end at ant moment frees me to fully appreciate the beauty and art and horror of everything this world has to offer.”
-Hannibal Lecter

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Find me a hotter serial killer and I'll give you my first born.

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Hannibal all tied up has to be one of my favorites but I’m not too picky.

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gif request meme

anonymous requested “hannibal + favorite season”
“tell me your design. tell me who you are.”
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GEEZ I love this fandom

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Mizumono 2x13

Time did reverse. The teacup that I shattered did come together. A place was made for Abigail in your world. Do you understand? A place was made for all of us, together.

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I dunno why but this really made me laugh…it’s like the amazon logo is trying to force Hugh/Will to smile lollll

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the ladies of hannibal • abigail hobbs

« My dad taught me how to hunt. I was the lure. »
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- C. S. Lewis

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Silence of the Lambs (1991) dir. Johnatan Demme

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hannigram + date a soft boy suggestions

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