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September 04 2017

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September 03 2017

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Mountain Aurora 2 by Atmospherics

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I just put this repainted Elsa doll up for sale on my storenvy!!

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耳をすませば  Whisper of the Heart - Art Director Satoshi Kuroda (1995)

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nakahara junichi


No matter what horrific abuses you have suffered, you must not let that drive you to lash out at someone who has not hurt you or anyone else, merely because they have similar traits to those who abused you.  To do so is an inexcusable act of unjustified aggression, and framing it as “coping” does not make it any less malicious and harmful, it just makes it disingenuous as well.

Your suffering is not an excuse to harm innocent people who remind you of your abuser.

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Winter Is Here - Created by Caley Hicks

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The white ravens of Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Photography by Mike Yip

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Tony DiTerlizzi, Elysium 


September 02 2017

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Belladonna of Sadness (Eiichi Yamamoto, 1973)

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2016, the year of nude witches in nature.

1) Belladonna of Sadness (restoration) by Eiichi Yamamoto
2) The Witch by Robert Eggers
3) The Neon Demon by Nicolas Winding Refn
4) The Love Witch by Anna Biller

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