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February 04 2018

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Howl’s Moving Castle | ハウルの動く城

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Cheenu Pillai  -  Prosperity II   (acrylic on canvas, 2009)

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This is my soft pink boy flök 💕 he has a cute meows that sound kind of like a togepi, or a beep 💖

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Henryk Płóciennik  -  Untitled   (oil on canvas, 1976)

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by Cristóbal López

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Blade Runner 2049 - Created by Laura Racero

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I felt bored so I started to watch S1 of TD again.

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I thought this was interesting–
and definitely pertained to this blog. 

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Early Sunsets Over Monroeville//My Chemical Romance 

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Dragon Ball Fighters - Created by Sebastien Del Grosso

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Hannibal   »  Secondo

Forgiveness is too great and difficut for one person. It requires two; a betrayer and the betrayed.

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Salome (1918)

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“I don’t start the film with him like immediately gone to the dark side. I think it’s good to see that Loki is genuinely Thor’s brother and there is a complicated relationship there. So that it isn’t just like…he isn’t just an out and out villain. He isn’t all black. (…) I think it’s really interesting to see Loki’s actions from his perspective and he’s just someone who becomes more and more damaged by, I think, a sense of isolation from his family and a sense of…it’s kind of a deep loneliness. I think when the world makes you feel rejected, you bite back. And I think over the course of the film that’s what you see in Loki. He feels continually cast out by different sets of people and his brother particularly and at a certain point he’s pushed too far and he comes back with a vengeance. - Tom Hiddleston

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# Will in fangirl modus is my favourite Will Graham :D

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